ATM Tester

ATM Interface Modules

OC12/OC3 Software selectable ATM Interface Module
DS3/E3 ATM Interface Module
Number of Ports: 2 per Interface Module
2-Slots supporting 4 ports of ATM Interface per chassis
Interface: Single Mode or Multimode SC Transceiver

Key Features

1024 full-duplex traffics streams can be generated and monitored per port
Define traffic type: AAL5, Raw cell, Test cell (O.191), OAM cell and BERT cell
1024 Virtual connections can encapsulate protocols such as: TCP/IP, PPP ILMI, LANE, PPPoE, PPPoA, MPLS
Define header and payload, predefined payload patterns or user defined cells and PDUs including programmable embedded words in any position
IP Over ATM and IP Ping testing
1024 streams have independent traffic shaping: CBR, UBR and VBR service categories.
Full rate traffic monitor: 1024 Virtual Connections monitored simultaneously including TX, RX, error counters
Extensive Filter and Trigger Capabilities: 32 Header Filters, 2 Payload Filters: Header Bit mask/48 Byte payload mask
BERT- Bit Error Testing to verify transmission line quality
Quality of Service Testing ITU-T O.191
Real Time full line rate capture
Detect and inject Physic Layer and ATM Layer alarms and errors
Perform Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) testing